Low Back Pain Fort Lauderdale

How serious is Low Back Pain in Fort Lauderdale?

The Low Back Pain or LBP is a condition experienced by many which can either be severe or common ailment based on various aspects and symptoms that most people usually ignore. It is best that you consult immediately with a physician or medical expert to accurately determine the severity of your LBP and to apply appropriate measures that prevent it to become critical. Good thing there are few leading health care experts that you can trust such as Dr. Neel Amin Clinic that specializes in customized medical care and treatment, therapy, rehabilitation, and other helpful services.

Most people, regardless of age, can experience the low back pain in Fort Lauderdale, which is why, aside from the common cold, LBP seconds the most communal condition that may occur to anyone. Hence, our clinic develops various medical treatments that broadly meet the growing needs of patients regarding different kinds of body pains. We provide therapy specifically for stem cell enhancement and rich protein type of injections, Botox service for migraine, stimulator particularly for spinal cord problems, massage treatment, and wide range of therapeutic remedies for LBP, pains caused by arthritis and other joint pains, neuropathy, muscle and neck pains, and other body or physical pain.

What usually triggers lower back pain?

You might not know it or you’re not even aware of doing actions that actually develop LBP. Some of these are poorly developed posture; strains in terms of muscles, joints, and ligaments; trauma; poor or ineffective breathing method; herniated disc or also known as bulging; poor motor function and control of lumbopelvic-hip complex as well as the lumbar spine; aberrations that are developmental; genetic risk; pregnancy or occupational overload; strains that repetitively occur during sport or physical activities; poor core function; and a lot more. On the other hand, sever or chronic type of low back pain in Fort Lauderdale can be caused by emotional stress, untimely or poor treatment, and overuse of structural type of diagnosis.

How do we help our patients?

We cater an array of medical assistance and treatment involving the latest equipment, facilities, and procedures such as the advanced interventional procedures which introduce innovative skills in treating patients, medical management system which is highly personalized to accurately address the needs of each patient, fitness plan that appropriately enhances physical health of individuals suffering from various pains and discomforts, and the reliable expertise of physicians and the entire medical team who provide a holistic command of customer-centered services. Aside from that, we also have well versed and experienced health care staff who can attend to your immediate needs whenever possible either face to face or through online response.

Want to find out more?

Check out the latest updates from Dr. Neel Amin Clinic at www.drneelaminmd.com to view the specific details about our services. To send us your comments or messages, you may fill out the online form provided on the website or send us an email at dr.neelamin@gmail.com. You are also welcome to inquire personally or via phone at 954 678 1074.

Low Back Pain Fort Lauderdale
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