Lumbar Epidural Fort Lauderdale

What do you know about Lumbar Epidural in Fort Lauderdale?

Today, a number of people who are suffering from common types of back pain can be relieved easily with the help of the treatment Lumbar Epidural in Fort Lauderdale. It employs an injection formula applied directly to the epidural space which serves as a membrane cover in the spinal cord. Through this, the nerves can be released from certain inflammation that causes mild to severe pain.

Dr. Neel Amin Clinic is one of the leading proponents of best pain treatment including low back pain, spinal problems, and other joint pains. Our medical services have a wide range of pain management systems which are proven effective as used by many patients including highly comprehensive therapy and treatment services.

What do we offer for the spinal problem?

Aside from Lumbar Epidural in Fort Lauderdale type of treatment, you can also take advantage of another pain management service known as a stimulator for the spinal cord. SCS or Spinal Cord Stimulator is considered to be one of the safest medical procedures for painful spinal cord treatment. Our clinic offers a modernized procedure of SCS which basically helps relieve patients from chronic pain. Hence, SCS has long been utilized and applied in our medical clinic which tests its high credibility as an effective tool. Many patients who undergo the same procedure have also shared its effective results. In addition, SCS is fully covered by many insurance plans as well as most medical support services such as Medicare and other health benefit funds.

You can fully satisfy the beneficial effects of SCS, same with Lumbar Epidural Fort Lauderdale, if you experience few improvements such as total decrease of the severity of chronic pain, attaining better sleep and can easily relax whenever possible, can effortlessly regain oneself after pain attacks, and of course if your medication for your pain also lessens.

What medical service best fits you?

Besides spine problems, we can also help you with other types of body pain such as migraine, neck and muscle pain, and a lot more. From the simplest to the most meticulous type of medical attention, you can count on our clinical solutions that personalize services to suitably meet the health-related ailments that each patient has. In addition, we also promote no surgery procedures as often as possible so that patients can no longer suffer from more serious medical operations just to get rid of pains.

We have the so-called PRP or the Plasma Rich Protein which involves a shorter time of healing injuries through a natural way of repairing the tissues which are damaged by concentrating the patient’s blood and reinject it to him without conducting any surgical methods. This procedure is highly applicable for injuries like tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, neck or back injuries, pelvic instability and pain, ankle and ligament sprains, Tennis elbow, and osteoarthritis in terms of spine, knee, hip, or shoulder areas.

How to reach us?

We are happy to discuss details of our service through consultation in our office at 1164 East, Oakland Park Boulevard Suite 201 Oakland Park, Florida 33334. We have well-versed staff and customer support team who can immediately assist you regarding your service concerns.

Lumbar Epidural Fort Lauderdale
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