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When you are in chronic pain you may find that it is debilitating. You can’t concentrate on anything else and you find no enjoyment in life because of the constant pain. The only way to make the situation tolerable is with pain medicine in Fort Lauderdale. A pain specialist is a doctor with training and experience working with patients to reduce and eliminate chronic pain.

Will Medication Help Chronic Pain?

Often, prescription pain medicine in Fort Lauderdale will help reduce chronic pain. There are many types of pain relievers that may be helpful in different circumstances. Pain is often associated with inflammation. Some pain relievers are better at reducing inflammation than others. For instance, some over the counter pain relievers that are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) include naproxen, ibuprofen and aspirin. You likely need stronger pain medication than OTC options offer. The doctor can prescribe pain medicine in Fort Lauderdale that will be most helpful for your particular condition.

What are Alternatives to Pain Medicine in Fort Lauderdale?

The best way to resolve chronic pain is often with the use of a comprehensive approach to pain management.  A comprehensive approach includes a variety of treatments and lifestyle changes that are all geared towards resolving your pain. The treatments may include the use of advanced interventional techniques as well as medical management, physical and mental health treatment and alternative therapies. Incorporating a variety of treatments will help you manage your current level of pain as well as reduce or eliminate pain in the future.

What Are Alternative Therapies?

Most of us are used to western medicine to treat pain and other medical conditions. However, there are a variety of alternative therapies that have been successfully used around the world for many years. For instance, acupuncture is one of the useful alternative therapy techniques that can help reduce and eliminate chronic pain as well as a host of other conditions. Alternative therapies are often very safe and have few if any potential side effects. This makes them a good option for incorporating into a pain resolution program.

Will Lifestyle Changes Help Reduce Pain?

In many cases lifestyle changes will help reduce or eliminate chronic pain. Standing, bending, lifting, sleeping and sitting can cause pain under some circumstances. You can learn the correct way to perform daily activities so that you reduce the risk of injury and pain. Regular exercising can keep the muscles in good condition and prevent injuries. If you are overweight it can add to the pressure put on your joints, bones and muscles. By reducing your weight you can often also reduce the risk of pain. Stress can increase the tension in your muscles and throughout your body and can contribute to pain. Learning healthy ways to reduce stress in your life will improve your overall well-being and can reduce chronic pain. The doctor will suggest specific areas that might be helpful in dealing with chronic pain in your life. These techniques can be incorporated into the pain treatment plan.

Pain Medicine Fort Lauderdale
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