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Stem cell therapy seems like an intimidating and experimental form of medicine. While it is true to an extent, the technology is improving rapidly and more lives are being saved. If you need stem cell therapy in Fort Lauderdale, you may come in for a consultation.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Treatment Dangerous?

The goal of stem cell treatment is to be a safe and efficient treatment. Unfortunately, not all stem cell procedures should be treated equally. The same logic applies with any medical procedure, being that nothing is risk-free.

What are the side effects of stem cell therapy?

Your stem cell therapy in Fort Lauderdale is not something that won’t come without noticeable side effects. Post-therapy side effects may cause discomfort and should be reported to your doctor or team that was involved in the procedure.

Throat pain is a very common side effect that usually goes away rather quickly. Anti-inflammatory medication would likely be advised. Nausea is also quick common and short-lived right after a procedure.

What is the success rate of a stem cell transplant?

Depending on the procedure, you may expect a 70 to 90-percent success rate with your stem cell therapy in Fort Lauderdale. The success rates of major stem cell treatments have been increasing over the years as research is becoming sharpened.

Using myeloid leukemias as an example, a mass study had shown up to a 94-percent success rate within 100 days. The overall survival rate for these patients jumped up several percentage points when measured in the long term.

What happens when your body rejects stem cells?

Graft failures are quite rare but they have happened. Of course, it is difficult to immediately rule out a failed stem cell implant since the radiation treatment involved with some cancer-related treatments will give horrible side effects.

If frequent infections, bleeding, anemia, or liver damage occurs, it is usually an immediate sign of graft complications. If the complications are related to an infection, antibiotics may be administered to help.

If donor cells are used for the transplant, there are specific complications that can occur as well. This may include severe skin problems, cramps, jaundice, or damage to other organs. It is important to have a close match with a cell donor as complications would be decreased.

How long is a hospital stay for stem cell transplant?

There is no set number for a hospital stay as your doctor will observe you and decide if you are fit to return home. After having your stem cell therapy in Fort Lauderdale, it could even take several weeks to get your blood count up to the desired level.

Even out of the hospital, you will still be closely observed and may have to return for in-patient treatments. Since transplants can be so hard on your body, an instant recovery isn’t even a realistic option.

Stem Cells May Save Your Life

Stem cell treatments can be used for a variety of life-threatening disease. If you are in the Fort Lauderdale area, stop by our office for a consultation.

Stem Cell Therapy Fort Lauderdale
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